Living Color

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December 18, 2012 by Molten Art

By Courtney Williams

My life is stained with different pigmentations.
Iridescent hues glow around me.

The color purple.
An imperfect marriage haunted by rage
or the feeling of despondency
that follows me like a shadow.

Red is this irrational passion that burns inside my soul.
The fire in my belly that led me here.
I constantly ask myself, “What is lust without love?
Only a man’s deceit.”

Can I ever escape the little green monster that dwells inside me?
The one that grows with jealousy and greed
each time I feed it
with all of my own selfish ambitions.

Why does it seem that yellow days are beyond my grasp?
Days filled with the heartwarming laughter of children.
It’s as if they sit on another horizon,
taunting me,
while orbiting another planet.

Fall is an ever present season.
That transition into black death;
the inevitable conclusion.

That fades to white.
Not the dull tinge of builders paint that constantly surrounds me,
but the flawless,
all consuming, unadulterated kind.
That washes away all these sins.
Covering me,
like a blanket of fresh snow.


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