On Accepting the Fact that You’re an Abuse Survivor


December 20, 2012 by Molten Art

By Cailey McMillen

  1. Know that the bruises will fall off soon.
  2. The cuts, will heal.

Stand in the mirror, fully exposed, assess the damage.

Take a breath. Take a bath.

You don’t have to deal with this now.

  1. If it was their voice that was killing you,

Write it down,

Write down every word,

Every possessive manipulation that ever made you feel anything else than human.


I will warn you; this will look much like a suicide note.

  1. Burn it.

Take the ashes and smear it across their picture.

  1. Call up the last person you pushed away,

The last person who said “I love you”

Not with their smothering breath

Or their firsts

But with their eyes.

  1. You will feel dirty sometimes,

You will wake up some mornings

And hate yourself more than you hate

The person who did this to you.

  1. Soap cannot fix this.
  2. Faith will.
  3. Yes, you have to look them in the eyes
  4. No, you may not cry.
  5. It is not okay.

But it will be



One thought on “On Accepting the Fact that You’re an Abuse Survivor

  1. Claire says:

    this is sooo beautiful! having felt like this sometimes (im not an abuse victim but anyone can feel like this) I understand every word that the writer is conveying. great job!!

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