December 27, 2012 by Molten Art

By Shelby Dodd

Warm light pools on a clean pink shirt
dipped in sunny gold;
Autumn embraces youth like a mother’s hug,
soft and enveloping and gentle.
Her delicate golden hair swept back,
a single strand falls to her ear-
one misplaced line of poetry.
Fingers curl tight with their pale peach skin
grasping their instrument of choice-
plastic yellow bubble wand-
dipped once, twice, into its inky well.
She inhales; crisp air burns her nose,
lungs expand in a sharp wheeze.
Tender lips are pursed, a near kiss
as whispers of cool air whoosh through her teeth.
She closes her eyes and exhales- a wish cast away.
Suddenly the wand bursts to a spray of a thousand
chaotic particles, sparkles contained in a forest sky.
And then, a single bubble forms.
One with itself, tumbling through the air,
a rainbow pools on its surface.
While it floats away, she smiles in the sunlight
of the evening as the thin skin of the glossy bubble
flexes, reflecting her face.


One thought on “Bubbles

  1. dialga208 says:

    i like the last couple sentences. makes it sound very gentle but powerful

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