Kissing Scenes


January 23, 2013 by Molten Art

By Cailey McMillen

You don’t know this
but I was listening.
I could hear every word
through the floors.

So when you said you were crying
because you didn’t feel
I pretended to see the bags
Under your eyes as the flu
And not from sleepless nights.
I acted like chicken soup
Was going to fix this.

No, I don’t know why
He came back so cold this time.

If I gather up every book I’ve ever read,
Find the kissing scenes and rip them out,
Tie them together in a paper maché collection,
Then would you believe in love again?


One thought on “Kissing Scenes

  1. Shelby D. says:

    I really like this, especially the last stanza…the question takes the poem to a different place than one might, at the outset, have expected. And not to sounds cliche, but it was deep. The sadness had a depth behind it- part frustration and part “if-only-you-knew”. I could relate and appreciated it.

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